About Us

Maricopa County Bar Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created in 2008 through the MCBA by then-president, Hon. Glenn Davis. It seeks to honor in perpetuity those remarkable individuals who have built the legal profession in this county and beyond, who have made extraordinary contributions to the law and justice, and who have distinguished themselves at the highest levels of public service.

The Hall of Fame's goal is also to preserve and foster the legal profession's history in our county and to showcase these best and brightest lights to the larger community. Their biographies and images are currently displayed in the Maricopa County Justice Museum and Learning Center, housed on the sixth floor of the Historic Maricopa County Courthouse.

At the museum, visitors can read the stories of how these individuals persevered and succeeded in shaping laws, lives, institutions and communities. The hope is that they will be an inspiration to others to pursue their dreams and make their own extraordinary contributions.

Selection and Induction


Each spring, MCBA solicits nominations of worthy candidates from the legal community. A selection committee evaluates and selects inductees and those selected are inducted at the MCBA Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame Dinner in the fall. 




For more information, please contact MCBA Executive Director Beth Sheehan, bsheehan@maricopabar.org




2008-2020 Hall of Fame Inductees



(all deceased)

Dr. John Alsap

A.C. Baker

Alice Birdsall

Frank Haze Burch

Charles A. Carson Jr.

Hon. Raul Castro

Louis H. Chalmers

Jubel Early Craig

Hon. Walter E. Craig

Amelia Dietrich-Lewis

Rafael (Ralph) Carlos Estrada

Herbert B. Finn

Greg Garcia

Hon. William Hancock

Richard F. Harless

Leon S. Jacobs

Edward Kent Jr.

Hon. Joseph Kibbey

Hon. A.D. Lemon

Anita Lewis

Ernest Lewis

Hon. Frank H. Lyman

Hon. Ernest McFarland

Alvin Moore

Gary K. Nelson

Wing F. Ong

Hon. John C. Phillips

Hon. DeForest Porter

Francis J. Ryley

Hon. Richard E. Sloan

Hon. Howard Speakman

Hon. Rawghlie Stanford

George J. Stoneman

Fredrick Struckmeyer

Calvin Udall

Philip E. Von Ammon


Hon. Rebecca Albrecht

Jerry L. Angle*

Charles “Chick” Arnold

Bruce Babbitt

Roxana C. Bacon

Peter D. Baird*

Hon. Scott Bales

Hon. Rebecca White Berch

Hon. Charles C. Bernstein*

Don Bivens

Hon. Susan Bolton

John J. Bouma*

Hon. Robert C. Broomfield*

Robert W. Browder

Jack E. Brown*

Antonio Bustamante

Prof. Charles Calleros

Hon. David Campbell

Jose A. Cardenas

Walter Cheifetz*

Hon. Valdemar A. Cordova*

Daniel F. Cracchiolo

Harry J. Cavanagh, Sr.*

Hon. Hayzel B. Daniels*

Barbara Dawson

Paul F. Eckstein

Hon. Noel Fidel

Hon. Elizabeth Finn

John J. Flynn*

John P. Frank*

Susan Freeman

Hon. William P. French*

Michael L. Gallagher

Hon. John Gemmill

Patricia Gerrich

Samuel P. Goddard, Jr.*

Hon. Frank X. Gordon, Jr.*

Hon. Robert L. Gottsfield

Larry A. Hammond*

Mark I. Harrison*

William F. Haug

Hon. Michael Daly Hawkins

Ed Hendricks, Sr.

Tom Henze

Steven A. Hirsch*

Timothy Hogan

Hon. Andrew D. Hurwitz

Edward “Bud” Jacobson*

Curtis A. Jennings*

Lillian O. Johnson

William R. Jones, Jr.*

Michael K. Kennedy*

Sen. Jon Kyl

Orme Lewis*

Rodney B. Lewis*

H. Jerry Lewkowitz

Hon. Lorna E. Lockwood*

William J. Maledon

Alan A. Matheson

Daniel McAuliffe*

Hon. James E. McDougall

Joseph E. McGarry

Hon. Ruth V. McGregor

Patrick J. McGroder III

Stephen McNamee

Hon. James Moeller

Hon. Robert D. Myers

Hon. Janet Napolitano

Hon. Patricia Norris

Daniel R. Ortega Jr.

Hon. Sandra Day O’Connor

Kevin O’Malley

Van O’Steen

Frank A. Parks

Willard H. Pedrick*

Hon. Cecil B. Patterson, Jr.

Hon. Robert W. Pickrell*

Hon. Maurice Portley

Patricia Lee Refo

Hon. William H. Rehnquist*

Hon. Ron Reinstein

Jose De Jesus Rivera

Philip A. Robbins*

Paul M. Roca*

Hon. Barbara Rodriguez Mundell (ret.)

Elias M. Romley*

David Rosenbaum

Hon. Michael D. Ryan*

Hon. Mary Murphy Schroeder

Richard A. Segal*

Kenneth J. Sherk

Gerald Smith

Frank L. Snell, Jr.*

Hon. Roxanne Song Ong

Charles T. Stevens*

Harvey E. Streich*

Gary L. Stuart

Hon. Thomas Tang*

Hon. James A. Teilborg

Hon. Ann Timmer

David C. Tierney

David K. Udall

Ted F. Warner*

John H. Westover*

Hon. Jean Williams*

Mark Wilmer*

Charles (Chas) Wirken

Jay Zweig


* Deceased