Diversity and Inclusion


Maricopa County Bar Association Diversity and Inclusion Committee



The Maricopa County Bar Association’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee (‘Diversity Committee”) is dedicated to promoting historically underrepresented groups to enter, remain, thrive, and provide leadership in the legal profession within Arizona.


  • The Diversity Committee will do this by obtaining and periodically updating relevant demographic information, reviewing best practices, goal setting, and evaluation.
  • The Diversity Committee will also develop and support programs and events that promote relationships and community-building activities which highlight the societal benefits of diversity within Arizona’s legal community.
  • The Diversity Committee as appropriate will foster and promote ideals related to equal justice within Arizona. 
  • The Diversity Committee may when approached will review candidates, and endorse those who are committed to its mission, such candidates shall include but is not limited to those, seeking positions for Commissions, Boards, and the Judiciary.


Committee Members:

Amanda ChuaCommittee Chair

Karin Aldama

Dwayne Burns

Ashley Case

Kina Harding

Jennifer Holder

JP Harrington Bisceglia

Kevin Pooley

Barbara U. Rodriguez-Pashkowski

Stan Silas