Committees and their members are generally appointed by the president. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the MCBA Development Director, Lori Katzaroff, 602.682.8590.

Committee Chairs


Awards Committee
Jennifer A. Cranston, Chair

Bench-Bar Committee 
David Funkhouser III, Co-Chair
Hon. Aryeh Schwartz, Co-Chair

Continuing Legal Education Committee
Hon. Peter Swann, Chair

Diversity & Inclusion Committee 
Barbara Rodriguez-Pashkowski, Chair

Finance Committee
Melinda Sloma, Chair

Hall of Fame Committee
Charles (Chas) Wirken, Chair

Jail Reform Committee
Melinda Sloma, Chair

Law Day
Hon. Pam Gates, Co-Chair
Shanna Orlich, Co-Chair

Lawyer Referral Service Committee
Briana Chua, Chair

Lawyer Wellness Committee
Norma Izzo, Chair

Maricopa Lawyer Editorial Board
Aaron Nash, Chair

Membership Committee
Tina Ziegler, Chair