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Arizona Litigation guide

Date: 12/16/2020

The Arizona Litigation Guide 6th Edition.

Produced by the Maricopa County Bar Association Litigation Section

This 447page book, newly updated through 2020 is a soup to nuts guide on litigation in Arizona, providing an overview of litigation procedure and practice tips (and forms) from experienced attorneys. If you would like to purchase multiple copies please contact Laurie Williams at


Chapter List:


Chapter 1: Case Intake and Evaluation

Chapter 2: Initiating Litigation

Chapter 3: Before Responding to a Complaint

Chapter 4: Responding to the Complaint

Chapter 5: Entry of Default and Default Judgments

Chapter 6: Removal and Demand

Chapter 7: Calculation of Time

Chapter 8: Preface/Case Management Considerations

Chapter 9: Disclosure Statement

Chapter 10: Interrogatories

Chapter 11: Requests for Admission

Chapter 12: Requests for Documents and Subpoenas

Chapter 13: Oral and Written Depositions

Chapter 14: Service and Filing of Discovery Papers

Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Discovery Tools

Chapter 16: Discovery Motions

Chapter 17: Motion Practice

Chapter 18: Dispositive Motions

Chapter 19: Other Common Motions

Chapter 20: Setting the Case for Trial

Chapter 21: Mechanics of a Jury Trial

Chapter 22: Trial Motions

Chapter 23: Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms

Chapter 24: Judgments

Chapter 25: Post-Judgment Motions

Chapter 26: Overview of the Appellate Process

Chapter 27: Appellate Brief

Chapter 28: Special Actions in Arizona Civil Cases

Chapter 29: Settlement Conferences and Private Mediation

Chapter 30: Rules and Procedures for Arbitration Cases

Chapter 31: Case Closed