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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Mar 3, 2015

Sometimes the need for a lawyer is obvious, such as when you’ve been served with a lawsuit, or when you’re arrested or charged with a crime. Other times, professional legal advice could prove to be very useful in all kinds of situations.

It is highly advisable to hire a lawyer when:

  • You’re in a situation that could potentially involve handcuffs.
  • You have suffered bodily harm, been in an accident or caused one.
  • You need an estate plan.
  • Someone in your family dies.

You are asked to sign a contract involving large sums of money and long-term commitment.

  • You are getting a divorce or legal separation.

Especially if you’ve never consulted an attorney before, you may not know where to find one, and there are several situations where it is advisable to consult a lawyer to help you best resolve a situation and possibly save you money or keep you out of jail. Searching through the yellow pages is a total stab in the dark, and may lead you to an attorney with not much integrity, and there may be times when the merits of your case don’t justify the cost, and you’re better off spending your money on a vacation. A reputable lawyer would be brutally honest and tell you as much.

Thanks to MCBA’s online referral service, it’s easier to find a licensed and experienced lawyer in the Phoenix area that is well-versed in the laws that pertain to your situation, is in good standing with the appropriate bar association and has a strong reputation. Often, you can even have an initial consultation with an attorney that is not included in their billable hours. Lawyer referral services are particularly useful, because you can find a law office that’s close to your home, and since most attorneys specialize in particular areas of law, find the attorney that’s best suited to handle your case.