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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Dec 3, 2014

A Department of Public Safety officer has been battling for his life following a deadly shooting earlier this week. The officer was shot in the face during an early-morning traffic stop in the Phoenix area, investigators believe no less than five suspects still remain at large in connection with the incident.

Reports show the incident transpired in the early morning hours around 3 AM near a motel close to Interstate 17 and McDowell Road. The injured officer pulled over a 2008 blue Mercury Sable with windows that were tinted in excess – a violation of Arizona state law.

The officer then asked all of the car’s occupants to submit a form of identification to run through his background system. A spokesman for DPS indicates this is standard practice among officers during early-morning traffic stops.

One occupant in the card contested he did not have available identification on his person, providing the officer with a name that didn’t appear in the system. After the officer returned to the vehicle, one of the car’s occupants opened fire from close range, striking the officer in the face. The officer, listed in critical condition initially, was rushed to an area hospital to receive treatment.

The suspects managed to slip away from authorities despite an exchange of fire between two additional DPS officers. Later in the afternoon, the suspects’ car was discovered completely abandoned – a statewide manhunt has failed to yield any other considerable evidence.

The 44-year-old officer, whose name remains anonymous amidst additional safety concerns, survived a five-hour surgery following the incident. The officer now remains in intensive care where he will begin the long road to recovery. DPS spokesman, Bart Graves, says, “It’s going to be a long time before he’s going to be able to talk to anybody.”

Law enforcement is urging any residents with knowledge of the suspects to come forward.