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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on May 15, 2015

If it wasn’t for television lawyers, many people may have never considered a career in law. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor once stated that an on-screen conversation between Perry Mason and District Attorney Hamilton Burger in the legendary Perry Mason series as an influence on her decision to become a prosecutor. In the spirit of honoring these television heroes (and sometimes villains), we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 TV lawyers.

    • Ally McBeal – Her vivid imagination qualifies her for the list, although the show became more of a comedy focused on the romantic and personal lives of the characters, and the cases became plot devices to reinforce a character’s drama.




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    • Harvey Specter (Suits) – “The best closer in New York City,” Specter’s a name partner at Pearson Specter Litt. As one of the main characters and partners in the law firm, Harvey proves that with certain talents and an ability to think outside the box, you can achieve a lot of success.
    • Lionel Hutz (The Simpsons) – aka Miguel Sanchez, aka Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, Lionel is the quintessential dirtbag lawyer, whose practice is in a shopping mall, and named “I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!” and is next to an Orange Julius. He enticed potential clients by offering a “Smoking Monkey Doll” and a business card that “turns into a sponge when you put it in water!”
    • Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad) – Typically dressed in flashy suits, Saul serves as the lawyer and consigliere for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, getting them out of several difficult situations over the course of their drug business operations.




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  • Victor Sifuentes (LA Law) – Sifuentes was always passionate about social justice issues and was among the first positive Hispanic characters on US television, but his fiery nature often got him into trouble.
  • Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife) – Possibly thanks to enduring public humiliation, Alicia’s always calm and collected, thinking through what she’s going to say for maximum impact.
  • Denny Crane (Boston Legal) – Denny Crane has never lost a case, as Denny Crane would be the first to tell you. Denny Crane may take you through horrible embarrassment throughout most of the trial, but the trial will end in victory (and a scotch and a cigar).
  • Jack McCoy (Law & Order) – He’s the prosecutor we all wish was representing us, the guy who looks beyond politics and goes strictly after justice. “Hang ’em High McCoy”developed a reputation with both colleagues and rival attorneys, once being referred to as “the top of the legal food chain” during trial.
  • Ben Matlock – No lawyer since Perry Mason was as skilled at getting culprits to confess while on the stand, and Matlock’s penchant for the dramatic keeps this popular show alive in syndication to this day.
  • Perry Mason The final episode aired in 1966, but Perry Mason continues to inspire American courtroom drama in which the gifted attorney dramatically demonstrates the defendant’s innocence.




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