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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Dec 15, 2014

Most Arizonans probably don’t realize how easy they have it when it comes to the issue of gasoline taxes. You don’t have to look far elsewhere to see how complex the matter is among other states – New York and several other jurisdictions are anything but simple cases.

A recent story by AZ Central made note that Arizona imposes lower fuel taxes than the majority of other states, particularly Pennsylvania with its tax of 40.7 cents per gallon. Gasoline tax can easily cause debate among different state residents, essentially becoming a science of its own variety.

It’s best to think about gas taxes as possessing many layers – taxes are but one of the many onion leaves to be factored into every gallon ready to be pumped. Additional tax levies can include sales taxes and shortage-rank and environmental charges, levies that most consumers don’t see when they’re filling up.

Arizona is one of the nation’s more straight forward cases concerning gasoline taxes, in sharp contrast to areas. Latest reports indicate that Arizona taxes an otherwise mild 18 cents per gallon. Pennsylvania leads the list of taxation at 40.7 cents per gallon, followed closely by Washington state, North Carolina and California.

New York ranks at a very low 8 cents per gallon, but it hardly tells the whole story when assessing price per gallon – various counties and other jurisdictions tack on charges of their design.

Why do Arizonans have it so good? In places like New York, depending on where you live, additional tax levies can add nearly 42 cents to each gallon of gasoline – this is in addition to the state’s direct charge and the federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon.

A survey conducted through the American Petroleum Institute indicates that New York has an all-inclusive tax of 68.9 cents per gallon, topping national figures.

Original story reported by AZ Central.