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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Dec 22, 2014

You may think you know a person after conducting an interview or meeting for the first time. But there are people out there who take advantage of the good will of others. Throughout history there have been notorious con artists who have pulled the wool over the eyes of their “friends” and employers.

Here are some notorious con-artists who almost got away with their crimes.

Frank Abagnale

Immortalized in the Steven Spielberg film “Catch Me If You Can”, Frank Abagnale forged bad checks worth more than $2.5 million by impersonating pilots, lawyers and physicians. Using his natural charisma and guile Abagnale eluded the federal authorities for five years.

Frederic Bourdin

One of the most despicable cases of impersonation and deception, Frederic Bourdin preyed on the hearts of the family by impersonating their missing son Nicholas. Bourdin had a history of impersonating children before adopting Nicholas Barclay’s identity and using it to curry favor among the Barclay family.

This harrowing story was chronicled in the documentery The Imposter which features interviews with Bourdin and members of Barclay Family.

Christophe Rocancourt

This imposter scammed affluent individuals all across the world by posing a French member of the Rockefeller family. His first scam came when he forged a deed to a property he didn’t own then sold said property for $1.4 million.

During his time in the U.S. Rocancourt assumed multiple identities including a movie producer, ex-boxer, and venture capitalist. Under this guise he even married a Playboy model and lived with movie star Mickey Rourke.

The lies caught up with Rocancourt in 1997 and he has been on the run ever since. It’s wild how a little confidence and the disguise of a family name can fool so many people.