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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Jun 23, 2015

While Arizona has been a hotbed for controversial legislation over the past several years, resulting in protests and heated debates, there are other laws that have stayed on the books for years that continue to exist, but luckily, not enforced. Here’s a look at some state and local laws in Arizona that (believe it or not) are still enforceable:

Want to get rid of the cactus in your yard? You could face up to 25 years in prison for cutting it down.

Granted, it’s difficult to find a cool place to let your donkey take a nap out of the summer heat, but you could be arrested for letting your donkey sleep in your bathtub.

Next time you’re dressed as Spiderman (whether it’s halloween, or you just feel like being dressed as Spiderman), be sure to not jaywalk. Any misdemeanor charge is automatically considered a felony when committed wearing a red mask.

Make sure to leave camel-hunting out of your summer plans this year. It’s still illegal in the state of Arizona.

According to city ordinance, women in Tucson are not allowed to wear pants.

Suspenders are also prohibited in the town of Nogales.

In the town of Tombstone, you must have at least one missing tooth visible when you smile.

This guy is happy that he is welcome in Tombstone, AZ

This guy is happy that he is welcome in Tombstone, AZ

Looking for roommates for next semester? Make sure that no more than six girls live in any house in Maricopa County.

Got caught stealing soap? Be prepared to be cleaner than ever before. Anyone caught stealing soap must use it until it’s all used up.

Finally, although it sounds like a great Senior prank, if you live in Prescott, you may not ride a horse up the stairs of the county courthouse.

Crazy laws come and go, and some of them stick around longer than necessary (when was the last time you saw a wild camel in Arizona?)