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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Nov 25, 2014

The biggest story in the NFL has nothing to do with matchups or even players – a powerful movement in favor of changing the Washington Redskin’s official team name is in full force. Arizona is yet the latest site of national protests, protests that only seem to be gaining traction.

Native Americans are facing off on both sides of the monumental controversy tied to the National Football League. Arizona is the first of several planned protests among NFL cities with large Native American populations.

Many participants in Sunday’s protest came from all areas of the Valley to have their voices heard. One Navajo woman, wearing the shawl she uses during ceremonies, alongside coordinating beaded earrings, traveled north from Tucson.

The woman told nearby reporters, “For people who say it’s not offensive, they’re not in my shoes; they don’t know. When I hear that term, it takes me back to the 1800’s. It’s never been a term of pride for Native Americans.”

Protesters also pointed out that the headpiece worn by the Native man in Washington’s official logo carries heavy spiritual significance. They argue that no one would think to put the pope’s hat on a football helmet – certainly most people would take exception to a Catholic symbol on a helmet.

Many Native Americans have alternatively voiced their support for the name and logo. They argue that they grew up in a world where the term only referred to the team, exhibiting a certain prideful quality. These supporters believe the name has no racist connotation – it wasn’t until protestors decried the name that the stigma was ever applied to the Washington Redskins.

The name change is facing staunch resistance on both sides of the aisle. The National Football League, no stranger to immense profits, could be more likely to implement a change should protests affect revenue.

Original story reported by AZ Central.