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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Oct 1, 2014

In every relationship there are trying times that require partners to work together in order to circumvent. Most of us never see ourselves as the type of people who might one day rely on mediation or counseling to save our relationship, yet there is no shame in seeking professional guidance.
Your relationship could benefit from counseling if you exhibit any of the following signs:
1. Lack of together time
The most visible sign that a relationship is in jeopardy is a lack of togetherness. If you find yourself consistently spending the bulk of your time with friends, family, work – rather than your partner – there could be an issue.
Sometimes this avoidance is deliberate, other times it’s subconscious. Excuses can only plug a leak for so long before things come to a head. If you simply find it difficult to communicate with your partner, you may need the professional services of a counselor.
2. Feelings of depression or anxiety
Feeling overwhelmed by your relationship issues can result in feelings of despair and anxiety, conditions that greatly impact your life and overall health. If you’re having trouble turning your thought process ‘off’ when going to bed or when you need to focus on more timely issues, there’s a problem.
Your mental health is important to consider, especially in regards to maintaining a healthy relationship. Receiving counseling can help you address these issues before they develop into more significant problems in the future.
3. Use of alcohol or drugs
One of the most common and yet dangerous ways people cope with a rocky relationship is through drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is only a temporary fix before you find yourself reaching a cycle, that’s why you need to avoid it altogether.
Seeking help

If you or your partner request mediation, you need it. Commit to a more satisfying future and a stronger relationship – it’s one of the best investments you could ever hope to make.