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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Oct 9, 2014

President Barack Obama addressed a United Nations meeting today regarding pollution as relates to scientific evidence of climate change. The US is looking to lead world environmentalism efforts before irreparable damages take place in the near future.

Obama touched on China, highlighting how the most populous country in the world with the fastest increasing carbon pollution rate plays a critical role in creating change. The President urged China’s leaders to focus efforts alongside the US to reduce the damaging effects of carbon.

The speech coincided with the UN Climate Summit, a one-day meeting organized through UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The meeting is open to all participating UN members, 193 states in total. The issue of climate changed is billed at the forefront of Wednesday’s UN General Assembly as well.

The discussion comes at a pivotal time when UN members are bogged down with complex issues like the Ebola outbreak and the looming threat of ISIS. During his speech, the President stated that the “urgent and growing threat of climate change” would come to “define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other issue.”

In bringing together an international effort to combat the effects of climate change, the US will be decisively challenged. China has displayed a reluctance to hedge the influx of internal energy production due to its high demand.

Domestically, many Americans still aren’t convinced humans are responsible for climate change to begin with. The President points to floods that occurred in Miami and severe droughts throughout western States as telling evidence climate change is real.

In addressing these challenges, foreign and domestic, Obama added, “In each of our countries, there are interests that will be resistant to action. In each country there is a suspicion that if we act and other countries don’t – that we will be at an economic disadvantage. But we have to lead.”