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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Sep 21, 2014

Newly made renovations have introduced multifamily affordable housing options to the West Valley.

Residents like Elizabeth Maciel are finding plenty to love about their new arrangements, her apartment located a matter of steps away from a brand-new playground. Here, Maciel can watch her four children play through the comfort and security of the blinds, just within a kitchen she deems ‘spacious’.

This is a significant upgrade for families like Maciel – her new three bedroom home with renovated bathroom easily dwarfs any space she’s inhabited before. Making matters even sweeter, the rent is nearly half as expensive as her previous homes.

Maciel, 26-years-old, is a resident of Ironwood Village, an apartment complex that recently faced foreclosure, located in downtown Glendale’s Centerline district. This area was recently renovated in an effort to produce more affordable housing options for low and moderate-income families.

Rent in this area has been significantly reduced – two-bedroom apartments listed at $570 per month and upwards to $775 for three bedrooms. Residents here also receive another major advantage: utilities are included.

This newly minted complex and many of its kind are being developed in order to refocus safety efforts and bring stability to neighborhoods in the West Valley – an area notoriously plagued by the usual crime that accompanies low-income regions.

How is this scenario possible? Gilbert has joined forces with state legislators, a team of developers and a separate non-profit to make this $9.5 renovation a reality. Reports indicate that nearly $2.1 million of that budget stems from the city via federal neighborhood-stabilization grants.

Developer Gorman & Company Inc. now look to introduce multifamily affordable-housing projects to Avondale. The plan will require Madison Heights, an existing public-housing community, to be demolished and rebuilt following the developer’s ability to secure funding.

More affordable housing could have a tremendous ripple effect, reducing crime and even the rate at which families are filing for bankruptcy statewide.

Original story provided by AZ Central.