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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Aug 18, 2015

If you’ve been charged with a crime, there’s a procedure in Arizona that law enforcement officers must follow. The procedure usually begins with a judge issuing an arrest warrant. A police officer executes the warrant and arrests the person named in it. At that point, Miranda Rights are read and you’re taken into custody. Your first appearance before a judge should be within 24 hours of being arrested.

In most cases, police need a warrant to make an arrest. Warrants are issued when someone is accused of a crime in an indictment, complaint or petition related to probation or parole violations. You can, however, be arrested without a warrant if a police officer has probable cause to believe you’ve committed a crime, or the officer witnesses you committing a crime.
charged with a crime
After you’ve been arrested and read your Miranda rights, the next step is appearing before a judge. This usually takes place within the 24 hour period, and if the arrest was warrantless, a complaint is filed. If there was an arrest warrant, you will see the judge or magistrate who issued the warrant.

At this time, the police are required to follow certain guidelines after an arrest. They must honor your request for an attorney, and if you tell the police you wish to remain silent, they must stop asking questions. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ll need a lawyer. If you don’t qualify for the public defender, you’ll need to find and hire your own.

Criminal law is not only complex, but the experience of being arrested can be oppressive and emotional. If you are awaiting a court date to face a criminal charge, it’s important to make sure your rights are protected. Your attorney can advise you on court appearances, possible defenses for your charge and the best options for proceeding with your case. Make an appointment today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Phoenix area.