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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Aug 13, 2014

An assault is defined the intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. This means that an assault isn’t defined by actually being hit or battered.

An assault can include a threatening gesture such as the shaking of a fist or someone charging toward you. Assault is a serious crime and requires an individual to press charges against the perpetrator. If you are the victim of assault take these steps to press charges.

Contact the Police

If you are physically injured you should call the police or emergency assistance during or immediately after the assault occurs. However, you can also visit your local police station and speak with a police officer in person.

Once you arrive at the police station you will be asked to explain what happened during the incident. Make sure to include all information such as who assaulted you, where the assault occurred, and if there were any witnesses.

You must then wait until the police officer completes their investigation regarding the police report you have filed. The officer is tasked with gathering compelling evidence and interviewing witnesses of the assault.

If the case goes to trial there are three possible outcomes. The police officer could turn over your police report to the local county district attorney.  It is the DA’s choice whether to prosecute the individual that has assaulted you.

If the DA chooses not to pursue assault charges there will be no trial and the individual will not be arrested. However, you can obtain a restraining order against the person who assaulted you. This is different than the assault charge. This can be filed by your local county court. If the order is granted the person who assaulted you is prohibited from contacting you.