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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Aug 28, 2014

A former employee of Maricopa County is under investigation following suspicions of embezzlement totaling $883,000. The embezzlement allegedly took place over the course of three years using a bank account to garnish wages from school district employees – investigators from the county sheriff’s office report.

Investigators suspect the 33-year-old Phoenix defendant embezzled funds after listing his mother and roommate as employees, repeatedly issuing checks in their name. His actions inevitably tipped off the sheriff’s investigators, causing them to issue search warrants.

In accordance with official documents of the court, deputies discovered missing funds earlier in July. They would later search the defendant’s desk at his place of work in addition to his home within consecutive days.

The search-warrant returns and affidavits stipulates the seizure of 11 computer tablets, four separate desktop computers, 30 designer watches, 52 designer handbags, multiple cameras, television sets and additional electronic equipment from the defendant.

This evidence, valid in a later court case, could ultimately prove the defendant guilty on embezzlement charges. County officials went on to report the defendant earned in excess of $38,000 throughout his career as a “garnishment specialist”.

A spokesperson on behalf of the sheriff’s office issued a statement, saying, “We are awaiting receipt of all of [the defendant’s] financial records. He has been interviewed by sheriff’s detectives, but we are not free at this time to release any of the contents of those or any statements he has made so far. He has not been arrested.”