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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Jul 3, 2014

An elderly Arizonan couple has been arrested in connection with severe abuse of their adopted children. 61-year-old Johann Jorg and his 53-year-old wife Kimery Jorg are now facing serious charges after reports indicated their two young daughters were forced to stay in the family’s backyard without any clothes.

Ironically, the abuse was discovered after the parents had contacted a behavioral health facility for help in rearing their ‘devious’ child. Investigating officials from Child Protective Services reported the eldest daughter, 13, was so badly malnourished that her physical state was akin to a “concentration camp survivor”.

After reaching the sanctuary of local custody, the girls reported they were confined to live in the backyard with little more than a tent and a bucket to use for a bathroom. The eldest daughter was not allowed to wear clothing while the younger daughter, 11, was only allowed to wear a diaper.

The girls reported their adoptive parents would frequently have them run barefoot across the hot summer asphalt. They were both beaten with a wooden paddle on a regular basis. Seeming to confirm the reported abuse, the 13-year-old displayed “leathering of the skin on her buttocks … and calloused and blistered feet”.

The Jorgs would often require the young girls to memorize and recite Bible verses, threatening harsher punishment should they fail to complete the task. The couple were also the adoptive parents of two other girls, ages 7 and 8 – the girls who suffered regular abuse reported these younger daughters were favored and spared the abuse.

Even in the wake of legal consequences, the Jorgs maintain their actions were carried out in the best interest of their daughters. The couple is now facing a laundry list of child abuse charges and are being held despite posting $100,000 in bail,