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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Nov 25, 2015

In the event that you need/want to transfer the deed of your house, a quitclaim may be the easiest way to do so. With a quitclaim deed, you give up all the property you own, and give the responsibility to whoever is receiving the deed. The receiver of the quitclaim is only receiving what you have ownership to regarding the property.

The steps to completing a quitclaim deed are usually as follows:

1. First, the deed is obtained from the county recorder’s office.
2.  Then, a quitclaim deed form is obtained and completed. When filling this form out, the information should match the original deed.
3.  After the form is filled out, a notary must be in presence while the deed is signed. Sometimes, additional witnesses are required, so everyone who needs to be present should be there.
4.  Among the last steps is actually giving the quitclaim deed to the new owner of the property. This can be done in person or by mail. During this step, attorneys will advise you to save a copy for your own records.
5.  After the deed has been transferred, it is in your best interest to make sure the county recorder has received a new copy of the property’s deed. Without this, there is no legal record of the deed with the county, so you could face problems in the future.

These are usually the steps for transferring a quitclaim deed to somebody. If done correctly and with the correct guidance, they’ll then have ownership of the property you previously owned. If you aren’t sure if a quitclaim deed is your best options, or if you face some roadblocks in the process, give us a call today.