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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Dec 24, 2015

Medical malpractice incidents are unfortunately more common than one would hope. Doctors are humans too, and sometimes accidents happen. At the same time, it is the doctor’s and staff’s job to make sure their patients are safe at all times. Here are some of the most common medical malpractice incidents.

Misdiagnoses or Fail to Diagnose 
This occurs when a doctor labels a disease wrong or doesn’t diagnose a disease for a while (or at all). Doing so will prevent the patient from being able to get the correct treatment for their disease. This could result in (preventable) worsening sickness or death.

Childbirth Injuries
Childbirth injuries range in mistakes made in the mother’s care and mistakes regarding the baby. There can be malpractice incidents that occur before the birth of the child when the doctors care for the mother. Mistakes made during care for the pregnant mother can result in injuries to either the mother or child.

This malpractice can also occur when incidents occur that cause injury to newborn baby. Failure to properly care for a newborn baby can result in broken bones, brain injuries, spine injuries, and more.

Medication Errors
Medication errors refer to doctor’s mistakes regarding prescriptions and administering of medicine. Doctors can either prescribe the wrong medicine that does not mix with a current medicine the patient is on. They can also prescribe medicine that is not going to treat the patient’s needs or that the patient will have a bad reaction too.

In addition to errors in the prescription of medicine, doctors can also administer wrong doses or the wrong type of medicine, which can be a malpractice case.

Surgery Error
As the name suggests, surgery errors refer to the errors made by surgeons during a procedure. Puncturing an organ, errors in closing openings, contamination, are just a few of the examples of malpractice.

Another malpractice error in the realm of surgery is anesthesia errors. If not administered correctly, anesthesia can quickly become dangerous and result in a malpractice.

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