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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Feb 11, 2016

This Valentine’s day ditch the standard fare for a trip down memory lane. Take your Valentine to the drive-in theater and experience movie watching like your parents did back in the day. Drive-in theaters were once the hot spot for teens to socialize and canoodle. Over the years drive-in theaters have become all but extinct across the U.S.

A trip to the drive in this year might be your last chance to indulge in this great American pastime. If you are under the age of 30 chances are you’ve never been to the drive-in. Here are 5 reasons why taking your Valentine to the drive-in is just the cutest date idea.

2 for 1
Most drive-in theaters are actually cheaper than your standard cineplex as you pay for a double or triple feature. This means you get to see two or three movies for the price of one.

Cuddling Time!
At the theaters you may get awkward glances if you start canoodling with your Valentine during the first act of Star Wars: Force Awakens. At the drive-in you’ve got the entire car to lay back and cuddle! Be sure to bring some blankets and breath fresheners!

Temperature & Audio Control
It used to be that you would attach a radio to your car window to get the film audio. Today, most drive-ins simply have you tune your radio to a particular station so you can hear the movie. This gives you complete control over the volume of the movie. Additionally because you are in the car you can adjust the temperature to make things more comfortable.

B.Y.O.S (Bring Your Own Snacks)
It might be tough to smuggle in some chocolate covered strawberries at the conventional theaters but it’s super easy to pack a picnic at the drive-in. Decades ago it wasn’t uncommon for teenagers to smuggle some booze into the theater with them, we do not recommend this! Nothing ruins Valentine’s night like a D.U.I.

You Can Talk!
Let’s face it, the best part about watching a movie it home is that you can talk while it plays… especially if the movie isn’t very good! Start your own rendition of Mystery Science Theater this Valentine’s Day by turning off the film audio and doing your own dialogue.