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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Feb 16, 2016

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before in every aspect of our lives. Some new inventions change the course of history, while others produce new gadgets that are at least interesting to play with. Here’s a look at what’s in the works and coming soon to the public.


New Energy Technology.

Supplying the population with clean and safe power is an ongoing endeavor. Until now, hydropower, the energy generated by water, has mostly been generated at dams. Today, companies around the world are developing turbines designed to harness the power of the ocean. Blue Energy Canada will soon commercialize a turbine that captures energy from ocean currents. The company already has purchase agreements in India, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Also, with a set of turbines the size of a subway, Pelamis Wave Power is converting the energy of ocean waves into electricity off the coast of Scotland.

Responsive Limbs.

Researchers are currently developing an interface between the human brain and prosthetic limbs that will allow otherwise paralyzed humans to walk using neuro prostheses, mechanical limbs that respond to human thought. Luckily, the US military has a stake in the project, making funding less of an issue.

Sunscreen in Pill Form.

By studying coral reefs and reverse-engineering the process the reefs use to protect themselves against the sun, scientists are developing the sunscreen pill, which will protect the skin and the eyes from harmful UV rays. Soon, we’ll say goodbye to the greasy skin that traditional sunscreen gives us.

The Coolest Invention.. Wolverine-style Healing in Pen Form.

Serious wounds can occur just about anywhere, but this one is especially great for hikers that are miles away from a hospital, or even another human being. Suffering a serious wound could cause a serious or even fatal amount of blood loss. Developers are working on a laser pen capable of instantly sealing wounds.

No one knows what the future will bring for sure, but advances in science and technology are more astounding than ever before.