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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Nov 12, 2013

In today’s society, more and more of our children are turning away from the outdated methods of bullying and are instead turning to a more technologically advanced way of picking on their peers. The bullying online goes further than just name calling: death threats, harassment, and public ridicule are just some of the many ways the youth of our nation is negatively impacting the way we use the internet. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, between 43% and 53% of teens are subject to a form of cyberbullying.

As cyberbullying becomes an increasingly dangerous problem here in the US, many states have been taking action against these cyberbullies to help keep kids safe. 18 states have already included cyberbullying into their already active bullying laws which include electronic harassment and off campus behaviors. In 2011, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed H.B. 2415 into law which added that “any harassment, bullying, and intimidating with the use of electronic technology” would be subject to trial and possibly criminal punishment.

There are many ways to prevent your children from being bullied online. The first and most important is to always be aware of what your kids are posting on any form of social media, as well as how they are presenting themselves online. Be open with your kids about their online presence and how when they post online, everyone can see them. Make sure you stay in the loop with what your kids are doing online. What are they searching for? Who are they talking to? Without being too protective, keep tabs on your children.

There are also plenty of online resources to help deal with cyberbullying, but if you run into an immediate problem with any form of electronic harassment against either your child or even yourself, the best thing to do is contact a criminal law attorney specializing in online harassment.