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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Nov 26, 2013

In a recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC, more and more Americans find President Barack Obama to be untrustworthy and incapable of managing the nation’s government. According the poll, consisting of 843 surveyed American adults, only 40% think of Obama as effective in his efforts to control the country – 12% less than the last poll conducted in June – while only 53% found him “trustworthy.”

The poll was conducted during mid-November in which problems with Obamacare as well as the president’s domestic policy were on the rise. The website designed for America’s uninsured citizens to receive healthcare,, has been suffering from slow loading times and other problems that were allegedly brought to Obama’s attention months before its launch.

Because of the new Healthcare Laws, insurance companies have already canceled millions of existing insurance policies, only worsening Obama’s credential.

Although the Obamacare website was a major contributor to the president’s lowered approval rating, experts also look at reports about the NSA/Snowden scandal along with IRS treatment of conservative groups, both of which happened during the summer of this year.

When poll participants were asked who they think will be in charge of leading the country, only 42% said Obama would have the majority control, while 50% believe congressional Republics are going to have more influence.

The poll also shows that 47% actually want Obama to be in charge — 45% think Republicans should have more control.

Obama’s approval ratings are now as low as they have ever been, according to multiple polls conducted by ABC News/Washington Post, CBS News, along with the telephone poll from CNN/ORC.