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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Oct 1, 2013

In a wild and violent display that caught national headlines, Alexian Lien and his family were chased by a swarm of motorcyclists. The terrifying incident was partially recorded by a helmet cam and later posted to the web, becoming a viral sensation over the course of a few hours.

The incident occurred on Sunday in New York City, according to investigating officers. Lien, 28-years-old, was driving with his wife and 2-year-old daughter when he rear-ended one rider along Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

Whether Lien was initially attempting to flee the scene is unclear as the helmet cam footage clearly shows the swarm of riders closing in on the family SUV, banging on doors and windows. Allegedly fearing for his family, Lien accelerates and knocks over multiple bikes in the process, prompting an intense chase that would span 50-blocks.

Lien would have his tires slashed, forcing him to exit the New York highway. A few participating bikers then smash the driver’s window with their helmets and drag Lien from the vehicle. Lien was beating in broad daylight in clear view of his wife and child, sustaining knife injuries that would require stitches. Only one arrest has been made following the incident.

The fleet of motorcyclists were reportedly riding through New York as part of an annual unauthorized event, called ‘Hollywood Stuntz’. The event is loosely organized by riders to commemorate the last rides of summer and spread unity between rival bikers. Last year’s event saw the inclusion of nearly 1,000 riders.

Police are investigating what charges will be filed and considering whether Lien leaving the scene of the accident prompted the incident to escalate out of control. The latest reports indicate Edwin Mieses, who was run over by Lien’s SUV as he fled, has been left paralyzed and currently remains in a coma.