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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Mar 24, 2016

While Irish culture has produced a variety of dishes that have become popular all over the world, there are a few food quirks they have that didn’t quite catch on elsewhere. They range from the uniquely interesting to the bizzare and awful-sounding. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the day of the patron saint of Ireland that has become a celebration of Irish culture all around the world, we’re bringing you the weirdest food quirks that can only be found on the Emerald Isle.

irish food with an irish stout

Weird Things to Try on St. Patrick’s Day

Crisp sandwiches. Known in America a potato chips, adding crisps to a sandwich, or indeed, just making a sandwich with bread and crisps is a classic Irish move. It’s also a great treat once you get home from drinking a pint or two of Guinness.
Hot cornflakes. While a bowl of cornflakes is a common breakfast all around the world, the Irish take one extra step that many consider odd. Start with the cornflakes, a bit of milk and a bit of sugar, and then the whole thing is microwaved for a second. This may be one that sounds weird but is actually awesome.
Butter on sandwiches. Instead of mustard or mayo, sandwiches in Ireland pretty much come standard with a bit of butter.
Coddle. This is essentially a stew made from boiling sausages and other tyypes of pork.
Red Lemonade. If you go shopping in a grocery store in Ireland, you’re sure to find prepackaged red lemonade in the soft drink aisle. The people of Ireland have a nostalgia that keeps them buying the red stuff.
Flat 7Up. Apparently, it’s a commonly-held belief in Ireland that allowing a 7up to go flat somehow bestows healing properties on the soda.
Chocolate in crisps. This one actually sounds pretty amazing, and maybe it should spread to other parts of the world. Imagine the wonders of chocolate-covered or chocolate-filled potato chips.

For an added twist to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, give one of these weird delicacies from the Emerald Isle a shot!