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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Aug 5, 2013

Maj. Nidal Hasan announced to the world earlier this week, “I am the shooter,” referring to responsibility behind the 2009 massacre at Fort Hood.


Hasan, who was employed as an Army psychologist at the time of the incident, is charged with killing 13 others and wounding more than 32 other individuals at a processing center for soldiers transitioning into international combat zones.

The defendant explicitly admitted his guilt to a panel of 13 senior officers, all of whom are tasked with determining what penalties await. Hasan cited case evidence, saying it “will clearly show that I am the shooter.”

Hasan is representing himself throughout the process of his court-martial. Due to the severity of his actions, the death penalty is entirely realistic given the circumstances.

Records show that Hasan, of US and Palestinian descent, was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan prior to the massacre at Fort Hood. They believe Hasan, now a devout Muslim, grew a progressively radicalized attitude over time.

Hasan was personally opposed to his deployment, refusing to enter combat against fellow Muslims. He reportedly believed it was his ‘jihad duty’ to eliminate as many soldiers as possible. During the height of the carnage, Hasan allegedly cried out “Allahu Akbar”, shooting defenseless soldiers at rest.

Hasan was carrying around 420 rounds of ammunition. He lined his pockets with paper towels to prevent the sound of magazines rumbling around in his jacket. The attack was carried out with dangerous precision, two laser-sighted pistols selected as the weapon of choice.

According to prosecutors, Hasan created a combat zone inside the processing center. Nearly 146 shell casings were discovered by investigators.