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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on May 2, 2013

A new study indicates second marriages are significantly less likely to end in divorce. While the divorce rate for first time marriages has been anything but encouraging in years past, the study provides hope for those recovering from the challenges divorce can bring.

Current research indicates that nearly 50% of couples who marry for the first time in 2013 will inevitably file for divorce. Such statistical data reflects modern trends among marriage, an institution facing sharp decline in recent decades.

The latest study regarding second marriages was recently released by the Marriage Foundation. Their research indicates that second marriages only have a 31% chance of filing for divorce, indicating a drop of nearly 14%. While the percentage seems modest, the figure itself represents thousands of marriages salvaged in actuality.

Age seems to be a major factor for the drop in divorce rate. Couples entering their second marriage are typically older and potentially have a better understanding of what salvaging their relationship entails.

Divorce rates are higher among younger couples all across the board. Current research still indicates age remains the biggest factor when it comes to determining whether a marriage will last.

Experts stress that young people angling to tie the knot should wait as long as possible. While the strength of a marriage cannot strictly be determined from age alone – other factors such as financial responsibility play a major role – the numbers certainly don’t lie.

Other contributing factors to the success of second marriages generally include changes in employment and gross income, changes that demonstrate a positive correlation among sustaining marriages.

Studies conducted through the Marriage Foundation are ongoing and constantly probing for other factors that push couples to file for divorce.