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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Jun 22, 2016

There are truly few experiences in life that compare to the joy of being a parent. Many of us dream about the day we’re able to experience that first dance recital or the Saturday mornings we’re able to toss the ball around with our children. Adoption has made this dream more possible to a wider range of parents in Arizona.

If you’re considering adoption in Phoenix, there are certain laws you’ll want to research ahead of time with the help of experienced attorney.

Adoption in Arizona: The ABC’s

Any adult resident of the valley is eligible to adopt, regardless of their marital status. In accordance with current laws, a husband and wife may jointly adopt but same-sex couples are prohibited from joint adoptions.

adopted child and his new mother in arizona

You must be certified to adopt a child before your circumstance will be considered. If you’re a step-parent or relative of the adopting parent, there is no certification necessary but often a background investigation will be required. These investigations are performed by the Department of Economic Security to ensure the child is being placed into a safe home.

Content is required in accordance with the fundamental laws of Arizona adoption. Consent must be given by the child’s birth/adoptive mother & father, any child over the age of 12, the respective guardian of the child, the responsible child placement agency and the

Department of Economic Security. These checks and balances are also in place to ensure the child is paired with the best adoptive parent(s) possible and their well being is strictly accounted for moving forward into their young adult lives.

Adoptive parents should know their rights as a parent can be terminated under certain conditions. For instance, parents are prohibited from abandoning their adopted children. Children with visible signs of neglect, such as physical or emotional injury, will be removed from their situation as the conditions constitute abuse. Similarly, other unlawful actions or behavior can result in the removal of a child.

Adopting a child is not an easy process but yields one of the greatest rewards experienced in life — the joy of becoming a responsible parent. If you’re considering adopting a child in Phoenix, contact an attorney to discuss the circumstances of your case and see what legal options are available to you.