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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Jun 30, 2016

Technically, no, an individual is well within their rights to file pro se, which means without an attorney. But while you CAN file all by yourself, the legal process of bankruptcy is fairly complex and littered with unfamiliar terminology and procedures. Unfamiliar to a non-attorney, that is.

If you decide to file bankruptcy, and you’re considering doing it on your own, consider the following ways having an attorney to counsel you will help your case:

A lawyer can help you decide which chapter to file
A lawyer will help you decide which debts you can claim for discharge
A lawyer can explain the process and each step as it comes
A lawyer will explain the consequences of filing for bankruptcy
A lawyer will help you complete the necessary paperwork
A lawyer can stop the collection calls.

Beyond these concrete examples of things that a lawyer will know (that you probably don’t), there is the general feeling of security when your case is in the hands of a trained professional.

If you decide to represent yourself, there are a number of free resources online, and bankruptcy forms are available for free here: However, if you decide that it would be more convenient to have a lawyer, we have a service that will help link you up to the right lawyer for you!