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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Apr 5, 2013

There’s a general perception that children of divorced parents have more risk factors than children with married parents – but is there any truth to this? Let’s explore some of the major differences.

The first and most obvious difference among children of divorce is parental loss. The situation is often described as the partial or complete loss of parental relations with either the mother or father, a loss that generally coincides with the handling of custody rights. Many children suffer a loss of knowledge, skills and other resources such as insurance when the loss of one parent occurs.

The child may also suffer from increased economic adversity. Single parent homes are generally unable to provide the same level of resources as families that remain together. Some studies have shown that the amount of resources available can be drastically cut by as much as 70% in certain cases. Many of these children will require government assistance going forward and not receive the typical allowance of opportunities as a result.

The constant fluctuation in living arrangements can additionally introduce tremendous amounts of stress to children of divorce. Many children find themselves transferring homes, schools and programs due to the dramatic effect of divorce. The most extreme cases entirely disrupt possibility of normality and regularity.

There’s overwhelming evidence that parents have an incredible influence over what type of adults their children grow up to become. There’s a significant portion of learned behaviors children are expected to absorb from their parents, most damagingly in cases of domestic disputes. Factors such as verbal abuse and violence can be transmitted to children who endured a detrimental divorce.

Much in the way of current research maintains exposure is an important element to children following a divorce. Parents should be proactive in preventing exposure to negative behaviors and increasing the exposure of parental interaction before and after any divorce.