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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Apr 8, 2013

Russia has barred American parents from adopting Russian orphans in a politically motivated move that will undoubtedly devastate hundreds of potential parents. President Vladimir Putin earlier indicated the ban is being place in order to better match Russian orphans with Russian families as a top priority.

The adoption ban was signed into law as of December 28th, the measure literally prohibiting all US adoptions, both future and ongoing. Nearly 60,000 US adoptions of Russian children have taken place in the last two decades alone, indicating thousands of children will potentially be left without families.

It’s crushing news for adopting couples that found themselves in the midst of a lengthy adoption process, the children they so desperately sought now being withheld in their native home. Parents had already been matched with children and began fostering relationships with them in many instances.

The Russian media reported earlier in the week that 18-year-old Alexander Abnosov was abused by his American adoptive parents. Abnosov was adopted five years prior by a family residing outside Philadelphia but allegedly fled following verbal abuse on behalf of his mother.

UNICEF estimates there being as many as 740,000 children searching for families within Russia, a meager 18,000 Russian families remaining on the waiting list. It’s a far cry below the necessary accommodations needed to provide Russian orphans with loving families, representing an anemic 2.4% of the total number.

While Putin has denied barring American parents from adoption is not politically motivated, many critics deem the extreme action as anti-children. Some believe the measure was taken following an American ban over Russian human rights violators from entering the US.

Potential parents will need to look elsewhere for adopting children in the meantime, tough news to swallow for those familiar with the difficult and taxing adoption process.