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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Apr 22, 2013
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The fate of a 62-year-old Chicagoan man now rests in the hands of the jury, as he is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery against his former co-workers at China Bowl restaurant.

Xiubin Mei and his attorney are claiming that he grabbed the large knife out of fear that his boss, Rui Zhong was going to strike him. Mei stated that before he attacked the staff, Zhang had fired him for showing up late, working too slow, then demanded he leave the premises and punched twice, hitting his teeth and giving him a bloody nose.

Mei is said to then pick up the knife out of fear and nearly cut Zhong’s ear and a finder, alongside a superficial cut to the neck, near a major artery, which could have been fatal. A female co-worker who tried to break-up the fight also suffered a scalp laceration which required around 15 staples to close.  The woman, who was unidentified in reports, is said to have driven Mei to work on a daily basis, and tried to play peacemaker.

Prosecutors are leery about the self-defense claim, stating that the intent to kill can be brought about in an instant, alluding that this was a fit of rage. State Attorney, Mike Crowe told the jury “He wasn’t fearful of being killed, he was angry at being disrespected.”

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