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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Apr 25, 2013

The controversial murder case involving the death of Travis Alexander came to a dramatic close last Thursday with an Arizona jury convicting defendant Jodi Arias of first-degree murder, there is a possibility of the death penalty.

The murder trial was filled with dramatic and explicit descriptions of sex, lies and a digital paper trail. Jurors will return to court this Thursday to determine the aggravation stage of trial, which will determine whether Arias is eligible for the death sentence or not.

Arias is currently on suicide watch in an Arizona jail, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. In a post-trial interview Arias indicated that should rather have the death penalty than be sentenced to life imprisonment. Whether these statements will play a role in the judge’s sentencing has yet to be determined.

Arias was stoic in court last Wednesday.  She began to weep silently when the clerk announced that the jury had found her guilty of first-degree murder for killing Alexander in June of 2008.

A massive crowd formed outside of the Maricopa County Courthouse on Wednesday afternoon as they awaited the jury’s decision. This case has garnered considerable media attention due to its salacious sexual details and the twists and turns that have defined the case. After the jury’s decision was announced several onlookers erupted into celebration.

Defense attorney’s argued that Arias was forced to kill Alexander due to his controlling, and psychologically abusive nature. Alexander considered Arias his “dirty little secret.” Arias initially maintained that she has nothing to do with the death of Travis Alexander. As the case progressed Arias changed her story to assert that she killed Alexander out of self-defense.

In his final arguments Prosecutor Juan Martinez accused Arias of being above all else a liar and said that if the Jury did find Arias guilty they would believe the words of a liar.