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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Feb 12, 2013

Any form of abuse is considered exponentially more heinous when the situation involves children. There are as many as three million cases of documented child abuse and neglect cases reported every year in the United States.

These documented incidents have a tendency to elicit an outpouring of public advocacy for children, especially when such dire conditions currently spur the death of five children every single day in America. It’s an emotionally charged occurrence that requires sensitive consideration in terms of creating reform.

Legal action in child abuse cases is a comprehensive process. When child abuse is suspected, the case is referred to the local police department. At this point a detective is assigned to investigate further. Should criminal activity be present, legal proceedings require extended periods of time. Months may transpire before legal consequences are imposed – too late for some.

One complication is the signs of child abuse are difficult to recognize. Very few people feel compelled enough to contact local law enforcement despite their intuition. The cases are the same regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion. There’s virtually no demographic exempt from the damaging reality of child abuse, perhaps suggesting it’s a crime that affects everyone on a universal level.

Delayed intervention throughout the millions of cases each year has other penalties. Children subjected to abuse or neglect for extended periods of time are more prone to learning similar behavior, damaging them psychologically and increasing their likelihood of engaging in criminal activity themselves. It’s a situation that has much of the public imploring lawmakers to review the otherwise convoluted process.

Quicker intervention in child abuse cases could drastically affect the lingering consequences. Additionally, increasing staff members in police departments and Child Protective Services may allow officials more accessibility to a variety of different cases.