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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Oct 27, 2016

Personal injury law is everywhere. There’s not a person alive who hasn’t heard about personal injury on a radio spot, a late-night TV commercial, or even a billboard on the highway.

What exactly is personal injury law, though? What types of cases does it cover, and how does one know whether they have a potential personal injury case on their hands?

Common Accidents that Lead to Personal Injury

In a simple sense, any time an accident occurs and someone, through no fault of their own, finds themselves injured, they may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Here are just a few examples, though:

  • Car accidents – These types of cases are extremely common. Statistically speaking, a vehicle accident will occur somewhere in the United States as you are reading this article, and with vehicles traveling at high-speed, injuries almost always occur. Car insurance companies often try to handle medical issues themselves, but sometimes more help is needed than they are willing to offer.
  • Slip-and-fall – Most establishments are aware of danger enough to utilize good-faith measures such as “wet floor” signs, or even closing off aisles in stores entirely while the floor is wet, but accidents do happen, and injuries from slipping and falling are still all too common.
  • Defective products – This is one of the more obscure ones, but things break, and sometimes they break catastrophically. You only have to look at Samsung’s recent trouble with the batteries in their Note 7 devices exploding and catching fire to see how quickly things can turn south.
  • Medical malpractice – There are few things more sacred to us humans than our personal health, and when you’re placing your trust in a trained professional, the last thing you need is someone only making things worse or inflicting new injuries/maladies. Whether it’s negligence or intentional doesn’t really matter when you’re talking about something so precious.
  • Elder abuse – This is another form of medical negligence, but it’s specifically geared towards the elderly and their caregivers. It’s another situation where you are placing the utmost trust in trained professionals, only to end up with thing worse off than they were before.

These are just a few examples of the types of cases which often turn into personal injury lawsuits, but hopefully, they have shed a bit of light on the issues at hand, and gotten you thinking about your own situation. If you are ever even on the fence about a personal injury matter, get in touch with a skilled attorney immediately. Time is of the essence, and you may have legal options.