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Posted by: Maricopa Lawyers on Jan 30, 2013

It was recently discovered a Chicago woman charged for deadly DUI never possessed a license. The woman was cited for a fatal DUI related collision that resulted in the death of William Brunson, 39, and Victoria Means, 34. The incident occurred when Delia Aguila, 27, collided with the pair as they were changing a car tire alongside the 3800 block of West 87th Street.

Aguila broke down during court proceedings that detailed her involvement in the fatal accident. Prosecutors reported Aguila’s BAC was in excess by twice the understood legal limit. Bond was later set during the proceedings at $300,000.

Witnesses maintain Aguila was driving erratically, swerving over several lanes of traffic at 60 mph before colliding with the victims. The force of the impact launched Brunson and Means roughly 200 feet, knocking each respective victim out of their shoes and jacket. Brunson was immediately declared dead at the scene, Means succumbing to critical injuries a short time later.

Aguila fled the scene immediately following the incident. Her Nissan Quest SUV was discovered nearby, stalled out on a railroad track while continuing to operate her vehicle. The SUV was heavily damaged, the windshield completely shattered. Aguila’s speech was slurred and an open container of vodka was discovered alongside the passenger seat.

The defensive attorney in the case released a statement that indicated, despite Delia Aguila being legally eligible, Aguila not possessing a license was rather inexplicable. Coworkers were allegedly ‘shocked’ to hear news of the grievous accident, describing Aguila as a steadfast working mother of two that seldom ever indulged.

Aguila is being charged with multiple counts of aggravated DUI involving a death, failure to reduce speed, transporting an open container of alcohol, reckless driving, failure to render aid and for driving without a license.

Source Chicago Tribune