The Maricopa Lawyer is the official monthly publication of the Maricopa County Bar Association (MCBA), with a circulation of approximately 2,500 county legal professionals and a total readership approaching 20,000.

Issues contain between 12-20 pages, including color, printed in a tabloid format on newsprint. Issues are normally received by readers on the first of each month.

The Maricopa Lawyer is published to educate and inform Valley lawyers about current issues and events relating to the practice of law. It covers Maricopa County legal news, including the courts, as well as MCBA activities and events.

For advertisers, the Maricopa Lawyer offers access to an upscale market of professionals in Maricopa County with significant purchasing power. It is the only print publication in the Valley focused exclusively on the legal profession. Entertainment, real estate, insurance, banking, financial services, consulting, temporary personnel services, printing, marketing, health care, and many other products and services are sought by our attorneys and legal professional members. In addition, a 2015 survey revealed that an overwhelming number of members highly value and read the Maricopa Lawyer.


Advertising Opportunities in the Maricopa Lawyer

The Maricopa Lawyer offers both display and classified advertising. Display advertising is available in black/white and color.

The deadline for both display and classified advertising is the 10th of the month preceding issue date.



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